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It's nothing major But if you're having fantasies about Fresco you might be lucky player I heard he's a chubby chaser Look, when you laugh your belly drops, cement cracks from the impact You're the only guy that has to buy chin straps in ten packs And I'd rather be a "nerdy emo" than the size of 30 people He's an identity crisis, stuck between a dirty chico and a Jersey Guido Cause when you first meet this chump, you'd swear he's Sicilian But if you see his cunt it's clear he's Brazilian You moved from F. to Cali and your status as a monster decreased You were the bomb in the east now you're comic relief But in The Bay he goes hyphy quick Cause no car's big enough for your full size to fit so you have to ghost ride the whip I give a fuck where you're so known I battle you in your old home and stomp you so far in the ground I'll leave a hole in the O-Zone Your music sucks and your logo is an embarrassing fetus You're the slowest sperm to come out of America's penis [Round 2: Madness] Beaker from The Muppets calling me a little fat is a little overbearing Plus you sound like you grew up in a fucking house where Andy Dick was both your parents Trying to keep opponents staring at the weird shapes you comb your hair in To distract the fact that you like dating rich men and going sailing I bet you'd rather molest a 12 year old boy who's clothes you're sharing Bitch you're weak and would get beat arm wrestling Dakota Fanning Before the WRC, it was just him and his boys battling privately Except when they had Gatherings it was more of the Magic variety I tell you, "listen mister", but you'd probably get it Twisted, Sister Screaming, "We're not gonna take it" into the flinching face of his mini Pincher Yo you fucking nerdoid, don't you dare try yelling and screaming on me Acting like Christian Bale on set, closest you come is having The Machinist's body Yo trick, stick to holding mics wrong at Scribble and living with mom dukes And bitching when she won't let you zip up your Tron suit [Round 2: Kid Twist] It's Tony Gomez He acts real funny and hopes we notice His rhymes are wack though, that's why the guys he battles are mostly homeless But he became a made man and he's not even Italian Shit the mafia boss probably thought, "He's fat, his name's Tony, he's gotta be a wop." He didn't know what guys in the mob wear though They told him, "Rock a fedora" he showed up in sombrero Plus he's always shaking maracas while they're making their pasta Talking like, "You should leave the gun.

First things first: I did get an i Book, and I am now taking it to work. What famous person, whom many people may find attractive, is most unappealing to you? I have no idea why so many women have adopted this hairstyle, since the only person it’s ever looked good on is Alyson Hannigan. I recognized her as having come in last week, looking for her U-Pass. I could tell because she sighed with heavy frustration.

Dating a trans girl is just like dating anyone else. The doctor incorrectly assumed that having a penis when I was born made me a boy, when gender in fact comes entirely from inside your mind.

It requires the same level of respect, empathy, and love you should show anyone. Unlucky for me, at a few seconds old I had not gained enough of a mastery of the english language to protest his decision, so instead I probably soiled myself and fell asleep.3. I personally identify as pansexual, I have dated boys, girls, and others on the lovely gender spectrum.

Please try your best to counter these as you see them happen.1) People tagging their friends and saying, "Is this you?

" or "Doesn't this look just like _____" followed by tear tear emojis. The idea here is that I am a "failed" man and that my femininity is a joke that is more embarrassing than anything.