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Knocked out of the top six by a pinched-faced Burnley boy who waggled his backside when he served. Maybe you have to be Wolverhampton-born and have lived in the place all your life to know the answer to that.

Taylor doubted that her client could relate to someone who had grown up black and poor in the South Bronx. A month prior, faced with about ,000 in unpaid tuition and overdue bills, Taylor and her roommate typed "tuition," "debt," and "money for school" into Google. Intrigued by the promise of what the site billed as a "college tuition sugar daddy," Taylor created a "sugar baby" profile and eventually connected with the man from Greenwich.I think the quote of the day is Jerry telling a reporter, "We're like bad architecture and old whores: eventually you get respectable if you're around long enough." "An Alternative Anthem" was my not-terribly-successful attempt to stitch together a new set of patriotic images.And: the "Dark Star" from Jerry's 31st birthday ain't too shabby.EL PASO The DEAD at CANDLESTICK 4/93 AN ALTERNATIVE ANTHEM Grateful Dead 12/29/77 Winterland (Dick's Picks vol.10) TENNESSEE JED Ruth Allison requested this show for the Jerry-Bobby-Vince "Star Spangled Banner" and a montage of media coverage of the event.