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She’ll reach out for the help she needs if she knows she’s not alone and that her battle has not ruined her. Getting caught on the boy-crazy train in middle school will trap a girl into a life of neediness.

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Do you want to be a person who waits until they are married to have sex? Do you understand the power of sex to arouse deep emotions?It was wonderfully tender, and passionate, and I'm extremely happy I lost my virginity to someone I love so much.We had sex several times over the weekend -the next time being 4am when I woke up to him caressing my arms as we spooned and I realized he was hard, much to my amusement- and each time, though still extremely painful, was amazing. I lost it to my boyfriend, whom I met online via a sex chat site, and we were 'together' for 5 months before he took a plane from London to Chicago to see me for a weekend. For me, I lost my virginity this past October (2012), at the age of 18.