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Sports have always been very popular in North East England and the region is proud of both its sportspeople and venues, many of which can rival the best of their kind in the country. Newcastle United ended the 2011-12 season as 5th, while Sunderland was a little bit less successful, ending the season as 13th.There are many opportunities in the region to engage in a variety of sport activities both actively and as a spectator. The sport that is most often associated with Scotland has a rich tradition in the North East as well.

The region may not have as many Premier League teams as other England’s regions but it has two very successful clubs both of which have took the Championship titles and both of which are currently playing in the Premier League – Newcastle United F. Gems such as Seaton Carew, Brancepeth Castle and Rockliffe Hall in County Durham can satisfy even the most demanding golfers.Epstein contributed ,000 to The Trustees in 2005 to establish a start-up endowment for the preservation of the Brickyard.Because 80 percent of infected people are asymptomatic, human surveillance is more challenging than with other diseases.CERAMIC PRODUCTION in Thailand has a long history with wares excavated at the archaeological site of Baan Chiang in the Northeast dating as far back as 3600 B. The production of ceramic wares in the North also has a long fascinating history.Celadon ware from northern Thailand have been found in excavations in distant Asian countries.