Men and dating rules

These things are noticeable criteria that reflect instantly upon the idea of the woman.

The fear psychosis prevails in them with the thought that how can you care for her when you don't care for yourself.

What are the dating guidelines mainly for men seeking women... or Is it acceptable to look for women or men just for sex? If you find someone like this.....consider this...may not be the first.the last.....i would steer away......look for someone who wants to be treated in the correct manner...not just for a one night stand.......thats the differance ...between ...lust.....

Yep I understand I think I was really trying to figure out what women think about it..

They are supposed to impress the ladies with their behavior and their pleasantness which will make the women comfortable with him.

But one should know the basic rules to ensure that your date has a nice time with you.Your body scent has to be manipulated by using colognes or perfumes and undoubtedly a shower.She is not concerned with your present job, paycheck or what you have done in the past; but what you intent do in the future.Ask about him/her about fixing a date at an elegant restaurant or have just a casual dinner. There are tiny details which some of us might forget.If you light a cigarette to calm yourself before a date, then make sure you don’t smell like an ashtray when you meet her/him.