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"I spend more on beauty treatments for herthan myself. I put my footdown about her using tanning beds, but she isbadgering me to have the latest spray-on tan.

She's even had her arms waxed."Bethany is on the books of a Leedsmodelling agency.

The blue zones got their name following the work of two demographers, who identified places where the locals are recognised for living notably longer lives than average and used blue circles to mark out these areas.

Scientists believe it’s because the city of Loma Linda also has the highest concentration of Seventh-Day Adventists in the U. — a religion that has strict lifestyle rules forbidding alcohol and meat.

Could it be time to swap the steak and kidney pudding for some quinoa?

However, the most striking results came from the table tennis players.

Belle, meanwhile, hasalready had modelling assignments forchildren's clothes catalogues.

Depressingly - but somewhatpredictably - Belle's role models readlike a contents page for a cheapcelebrity magazine.

She prefers to use a Chanel foundation over hermoisturiser, but as her 37-year-old mother Catherine, a qualified beautician, puts it, perhapssomewhat mildly: "She's a bit young for that."She has a point. Yet she's far from the only pre-teen beauty addictto seem more concerned about her make-up thanher exam marks. Last week, Belle, a naturally pretty brunette,turned to her mother Cheryl and said: "I must getmy legs waxed again, they are getting so hairy."Cheryl, a PR executive from Reigate in Surrey,says: "Her monthly waxing costs me about £30, andshe regularly has her hair highlighted, which costs£60.

A wobble sees half a point deduced.‘It is well known that aerobic fitness is strongly related to survival, but our study also shows that maintaining high levels of body flexibility, muscle strength and co-ordination also have a favourable influence on life expectancy,’ said Professor Claudio Gil Soares de Araujo, one of the study’s authors.

Dr van Tulleken might be appalled to be served up a vegan feast when he visits the city of Loma Linda in California, but since it comes at the home of Dr Ellsworth Wareham, a centenarian who was performing heart surgery up until the age of 95, and who still holds a driving licence, he has to take the ensuing dietary advice seriously.

The programme involves a global hunt for the latest anti-ageing thinking, and also sees the presenters undergo physical tests themselves, throwing up some potentially life-changing revelations on their own chances of reaching 100.

They were assessed, then marked according to a simple formula: everyone starts with ten points, then a point is subtracted each time you have to touch the floor with a hand, arm or knee.