Dating behind parents back

Among the more than 60 overdose victims whose loved ones agreed to share their stories with the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram, more than a third were parents.

The surge in opioid addiction is reverberating through the child welfare system, the courts and the homes of many aging Mainers.

he was very excited that he is finally going to be a dad at 24 yrs, although it was overwhelming, but he was very supportive and all.

The blue urn with her ashes is downstairs in the living room of her parents, Matt and Cheryl Baker of Stow. “You’re 49 or 50 years old, and you’re thinking about retirement, and all of a sudden you’re raising a 9-month-old.” As heroin kills one generation, it leaves another without mothers and fathers.(Dave Weatherall) While there is some debate as to whether or not the the age of the rock in the Nuvvuagittuq Greenstone Belt is 3.8 billion years old or 4.3 billion years old, Jonathan O'Neil, assistant professor at the University of Ottawa's Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, believes it to be on the older side.But even if the rock is younger than that, it would still make their finding the oldest record of life on Earth, by 100 million years. "We now have evidence in rock that I can hold in my hand that we had life already established extremely early on the Earth." Discoveries such as this one greatly help scientists better understand the early Earth.If the relationship works in the end, it's become Nobody Thinks It Will Work. If the father is depicted more sympathetically, he may be a Troubled Sympathetic Bigot who ends up having to reconcile his desire to see his daughter happy with his own personal hang-ups about her boyfriend.