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Creative Labs has long supported Mac OS by being the first camera manufacturer to standardize on UVC specifications.

However, Creative recently discontinued most of their web camera line, and are now focusing more on audio hardware.

Whether the alternative viewpoint that Vice likes to champion will blend well with a more traditional network like ESPN remains to be seen, however.

The news release suggested that ESPN will be airing primarily edited versions of Vice's show Vice Media founder Shane Smith said in a statement that he grew up watching ESPN and was a fan of the network's 30 for 30 documentary series in particular.

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That was in addition to the chunk of Vice that Disney already owned through A E Networks, a joint venture between Disney and Hearst that invested in 2014. Based on that last round of funding, Vice Media has a theoretical market value of about billion.Yes, Microsoft makes webcams that are Mac OS compatible.When Windows 7/Vista was released, UVC compatibility was now built into Win OS making the myriad of vendor and model-specific webcam drivers a thing of the past.Progress-Capture Pulleys incorporate a cam which (when roped correctly) automatically captures the load whilst lifting/pulling a load or tensioning a line.To lower/release the line the cam must be manually clamped by using the flexible Dyneema release cord and pinned clear of the rope during the lower/release of the line.